EQT Infrastructure II

Investments range between EUR 50 million and EUR 300 million

EQT Infrastructure II makes control or co-control equity investments in high quality mid-sized infrastructure companies that have, or have the prospect of, strong, reliable, protected cash flows and potential for significant value creation.

EQT Netherlands Management BV
EQT Infrastructure II GP BV
Cornelis Schuystraat 74
1071 JL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Company Registration Number: 54468701

Fast facts

  • Status
    Fullt investerad
  • Launch
  • Storlek
    EUR 1.938 miljarder
  • SFDR classification
    Art. 6

Board of directors

Investment advisory committee

  • Advisor
    Karen de Segundo
  • Advisor
    John K. Hepburn
  • Advisor
    Hans-Peter Keitel
  • Advisor
    Robert Lewis
  • Contanda
  • WASH
  • Tampnet
  • Mongstad Group
  • Synagro
  • EEW Energy from Waste
  • IslaLink
  • Hector Rail
  • Charleston
  • Unilode Aviation Solutions

Type of commitments

By region

21%North America
19%Rest of Europe
17%Asia Pacific
3%Rest of World

By type

64%Pensions/Sovereign Wealth Funds
5%Endowments /Foundation/Family Offices