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EQT Active Core Infrastructure

Bringing EQT's active ownership approach to core infrastructure

EQT Active Core Infrastructure

EQT Active Core Infrastructure in short

  • EUR 500m - EUR 1.0bnInvestment range
  • 15-25År, långsiktig ägarhorisont
  • 15Antal investeringsrådgivare

Applying EQT’s active ownership playbook to core infrastructure companies

Longer-hold strategy with focus on downside protection and a distinct risk-return proposition

EQT Active Core Infrastructure builds on 15 years of continuous refinement of an active ownership playbook and future-proofing of strong infrastructure companies. Primarily focused on Europe and North America, EQT Active CoreInfrastructure targets companies that provide essential services to society and offer a distinct and attractive risk-return proposition based on stable cash yield generation, inflation protection, low volatility, and pursuit of longer-term value creation opportunities.

EQT Active Core Infrastructure's longer-hold ownership horizon of 15 to 25years and focus on core infrastructure companies at the lower end of the risk-return spectrum aim to unlock investment opportunities that historically have fallen outside of the investment scope of EQT’s existing infrastructure strategy.

Deeply embedded in EQT’s Real Assets platform, EQT Active Core Infrastructure applies EQT’s active ownership approach and value creation playbook, leveraging on the infrastructure platform sector teams’ sourcing capabilities,industry insights, and local market access.

EQT Active Core Infrastructure

Delivering positive impact

EQT Active Core Infrastructure’s deal selection considers a sustainability framework designed to deliver positive impact and mitigate the long-term risk of business model disruption in its portfolio. Investment opportunities are sourced across three sustainability themes:

  • Climate & environment
  • People & society
  • Sustainable growth & equality

Within these themes, the Fund seeks to invest in companies that actively support at least one of its six sustainability objectives:

  • Energy transition & decarbonization
  • Circular economy & resource efficiency
  • Equitable digital opportunities
  • Basic utility & social services for all
  • Sustainable global trade
  • Accessible mobility solutions

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