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Richard Campione

Senior Advisor

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    United States of America
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    Senior Advisor

Richard Campione has been working with EQT since 2016, helping with multiple due diligence projects, and served as the Executive Chairman of Innovyze.

He has 35+ years experience in the software industry working on business application and infrastructure problems, spanning On-Premise and SaaS business models, with a focus on the market analysis to product development lifecycle, and the customer acquisition to customer success lifecycle.

His work experience includes operational roles in large multi-national corporations, such as Splunk, Oracle, Siebel, and SAP, and smaller private companies, such as Findly, ViewStar, and KnowMedia, as well as his board level roles at companies like Innovyze, New Rocket, RegEd,
SolutionReach, Mavenlink, Winshuttle, ServiceSource, and Biome Analytics. He has seen various approaches to scaling a business, appropriate at different stages of maturity.

He has served in roles ranging from chairman of the board, CEO, general manager, and chief product officer to head of software engineering and SaaS operations, head of global presales, and international business development. Additionally he has served on compensation, technology, and audit committees.

Richard attended M.I.T. for his undergraduate and graduate education earning a Masters in Computer Science, a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelors in Biology, and a minor in German.

EQT Board Membership:
Former: Chairperson of Innovyze