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Evidia is a leading radiology and radiotherapy platform in Europe offering the full range of radiological, nuclear medical and radiotherapy treatments through outpatient sites and hospital co-operations.

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  • Country
    Germany / Scandinavia
  • Responsible Advisor
    Johann-Christoph Balzer
  • Fund
    EQT Infrastructure V
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Evidia was created as a combination of the two German platforms MRH and Blikk and the Scandinavian platform Aleris Imaging. The combination created a leading pan-European operator with a broad footprint and a vision to be a patient centric radiology and radiotherapy provider at the forefront of medical excellence and technological capabilities.

The group employs more than 1,800 people across over 100 locations in Germany and Scandinavia, where it provides its services through outpatient clinics and long-term co-operations with hospitals.

Market trends and drivers

Radiology and radiotherapy are highly essential and fast-growing sub-sectors in social infrastructure and healthcare, driven by positive demographic and technological trends such as ageing population, increasing patient demand for preventive measures and technological developments in imaging diagnostics and data analytics.

The market is underpinned by a stable healthcare system that nurtures innovation and high-quality medical services and remains highly fragmented providing ample opportunities for organic and inorganic growth across several attractive European markets.

Investment potential

EQT Infrastructure V is committed to supporting the long-term development of the group and to providing the necessary resources to accelerate investments in technology, innovation and human capital in order to continue enhancing patient service and medical excellence, expanding capabilities in adjacent specialties, driving an ambitious digitalization agenda and further drive the buy-and-build strategy across Europe.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Walter Märzendorfer
  • Board member
    Giuseppe Giannasio
  • Board member
    Ralf Michels
  • Board member
    Tobias Küng
  • Board member
    Lucas Herbert
  • Board member
    Christoph Balzer
  • Board member
    Carla Kriwet


  • CEO
    Liselott Kilaas
  • CFO
    Niels Ackermann
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