Investment Advisory Professionals

Marnix van der Ploeg

Operating Partner

  • Business line
    EQT Ventures
  • Title
    Operating Partner
  • Office
    Amsterdam, Netherlands


A financial wizard with a Masters of Finance and Control from the MV Business Academy, Marnix started his career as an accountant working for the likes of PwC, Citroen, and DPA Group. Marnix then took his accounting chops to, joining the company in its early days as employee number 10 in the role of Financial Controller back in 2001. He later took on the position of Corporate Controller in 2009.

During his time at, Marnix oversaw the rollout of the company into more than 50 markets, helping it to become the leading worldwide hotel booking site. When he left after almost 12.5 years, the company had grown to over 6,500 people and had a presence in more than 150 countries.

As the Global Rollout Partner at EQT Ventures, Marnix works with portfolio companies to support them in setting up financial controls, reporting, and new market rollout. Based in Amsterdam, Marnix employs his extensive experience in finance and operations to help founders get to the next level.