Dag Mejdell

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    Senior Advisor

Dag Mejdell has been an Advisor to EQT since 2020.

Dag started his career as controller at Dyno, a Norwegian conglomerate operating within commercial explosives, adhesives and plastic products, in 1981. in 1997 he was appointed CEO of Dyno, which at that time had revenues in the range of 2bn US$ and was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. In 2000, Dyno was acquired by Industrikapital, the company was split, and Dag became CEO of the explosives arm; Dyno Nobel. Following the exit of Industrikapital from Dyno Nobel in 2005, Dag left the company and was appointed CEO of Posten Norge, a leading provider of mail and logistic services in the Nordics. In 2016 Dag left Posten Norge in order to pursue a career as non-executive Board member. Today he chairs a variety of Boards in companies active within aluminium, banking, IT outsourcing services and construction. Dag is a leader with strong strategic skills, and have been part of or leading the team in companies that have been undergoing major strategic shifts and transformation of businesses

Dag holds a 4 year degree of Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics Business Administration in Bergen, Norway.

EQT Board memberships


Vice Chairperson Nordic Ferry Infrastructure


Chairperson of Torghatten ASA