Tampnet is the only independent supplier of high capacity and low latency communication to offshore oil & gas installations in the North Sea.

The company operates the world's largest offshore fiber infrastructure network, serving 400+ oil and gas platforms, units & exploration rigs.

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    Masoud Homayoun
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    EQT Infrastructure II,EQT Infrastructure I
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In total, Tampnet operates ~2,600km of redundant subsea fibre network infrastructure, of which ~1,750km is owned subsea fibre and ~850km is leased subsea fibre. In addition, Tampnet owns ~150 radio links and ~50 active 4G/LTE base stations. The company serves both the Norwegian and UK parts of the North Sea and its unique infrastructure provides redundancy to its customers and links the North Sea basin to UK and Norway. Network monitoring, installation and maintenance are largely performed by third party suppliers.

Tampnet was established in 2001 by Statoil and is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway.

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