Qinyuan Bakery

Established in 1989 and currently operating a network of 460 stores in Chongqing, Guizhou and Sichuan, Qinyuan Bakery produces and serves pastries, cakes, cookies, beverages, mooncakes and rice dumplings.

Its unique selling concept includes a long-established brand, a strong value proposition, production using high quality raw materials, and a modern store design. Qinyuan Bakery’s offering targets mainstream consumers with a modern, healthy and family-oriented life-style.

  • Sector
    Consumer goods
  • Country
  • Fund
    EQT Greater China II
  • Entry
  • Exit

EQT Greater China II invested in Qinyuan Bakery in 2010. Since then, the corporate governance has been strengthened and the Company has leveraged EQT’s network and deep experience in the consumer and retail sector. The store footprint has been further developed, the store format upgraded with onsite baking and the corporate sales increased.

EQT Greater China II sold its 65% equity stake in Qinyuan Bakery to Swire Foods Holding Limited in December 2014.

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