Future-proof companies and make a positive impact

EQT invests in good companies with a mission to help them develop into great and sustainable companies

List shows substantially all investments made by funds within the Private Capital (excluding the EQT Ventures funds), and Real Assets Business Segments (excluding the EQT Exeter funds).

Aktiva fonder

  • EQT IX
  • EQT Infrastructure II
  • EQT Infrastructure III
  • EQT Infrastructure IV
  • EQT Mid Market
  • EQT Mid Market Asia III
  • EQT Mid Market Europe
  • EQT Mid Market US
  • EQT Real Estate I
  • EQT Real Estate II
  • EQT VI
  • EQT Ventures
  • EQT Ventures II

Realiserad fond

  • EQT Credit I
  • EQT Credit II
  • EQT Credit Opportunities III
  • EQT Danmark
  • EQT Exp Capital I
  • EQT Exp Capital II
  • EQT Finland
  • EQT Greater China II
  • EQT I
  • EQT II
  • EQT IV
  • EQT Infrastructure I
  • EQT Mid-Market Credit
  • EQT Mid-Market Credit II
  • EQT Opportunity
  • EQT V