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Cerba Healthcare

Cerba Healthcare is a leading provider of routine, specialty and research medical lab testing in EMEA.

Cerba Healthcare was founded in 1967 as a specialty lab and expanded into routine testing and pharma research (clinical trials) testing in 2007. Cerba is a reference player in France and is also present in Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Africa, serving over 30 million patients each year. Cerba, headquartered near Paris, France, employs approximately 9,600 people.

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Cerba Healthcare

Cerba Healthcare

About Cerba Healthcare

Cerba Healthcare has built, over the course of 50 years, a leading scientific and medical expertise as well as a strong brand image which helps to attract the best talent, including 300+ routine biologists and 40+ high profile biologists notably specialists recognized worldwide. Cerba participates in the key role played by diagnostics in the patient medical pathway, contributes to cost control and efficiency in healthcare systems through its high quality industrial grade operational set up, and supports the pharmaceutical industry development efforts.

Market Trends and Drivers

EQT has followed the European lab sector very closely over the past decade. Medical lab testing is highly recurring and high barriers to entry, providing a strong business base for stable growth, with substantial optionality for national and pan-European consolidation. Specialty and research testing display attractive growth prospects driven by dynamic healthcare R&D.

Investment potential

EQT will support Cerba and the management team in growing its core laboratory testing activity in EMEA, pursuing international expansion of its offering for clinical research, as well as accelerating digitization initiatives while staying at the forefront of sustainability. Moreover, EQT will support the company in consolidating the European laboratory market through mergers and partnerships. Since 2021, EQT has supported Cerba's acquisition of Italy's largest medical lab network, Lifebrain, as well as several large regional lab groups in France (notably Labexa and Yourlab). In the pharma research testing segment, EQT also supported Cerba's synergistic acquisition of global leading specialty virology CRO Viroclinics.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Eric Ellul
  • Board member
    Nicolas Brugère
  • Board member
    Michael Bauer
  • Board member
    Philippe Bouchard
  • Board member
    Samuel Dalens
  • Board member
    Sophie Kerob


  • CEO
    Jérôme Thill
  • Deputy CEO
    Philippe Buhl
  • CFO
    François Gay
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