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EQT Future

An impact-driven fund premised on an active ownership approach

EQT Future in short

  • EUR 350m and aboveInvestment range
  • 3Antal portföljbolag
  • 13Antal investeringsrådgivare

Contributing to solutions to address today’s challenges, creating winners in tomorrow’s economy

EQT Future invests in downside protected, mature market leaders with high profitability and cash generation, while leveraging rigorous impact measurement and management tools to drive impact at scale within Climate & Nature and Health & Wellbeing. EQT Future is fully integrated into the EQT Private Capital platform, combining EQT’s private equity expertise with advanced impact thinking.

EQT Future is EQT’s lighthouse strategy for impact. The Fund seeks to generate net positive impact in portfolio companies through two pathways: 1) identifying and incentivizing a pivot from the existing market offering at the time of investment towards products and services with a measurable positive impact; and/or 2) scaling existing impactful products and services for greater reach and depth of impact.

EQT Future builds on sustainability themes for transformational impact at scale, and focuses on mature market leaders, which differentiates it versus other impact strategies.

EQT Future sets portfolio-wide, highly ambitious ESG targets to transform how businesses are operated, also linking parts of carried interest to such targets to create a clear alignment of interests. The targets are supplemented by asset-specific impact KPIs, designed to accelerate positive impact of the company’s products or services.

Impact Toolbox

EQT Future actively screens for, monitors, and manages for impact outcomes throughout the investment process by using its Impact Toolbox, including rigorous management and measurement tools and support from the Impact Advisors and the Mission Board. The toolbox includes, for example:

  • negative and positive screening
  • assessment templates inspired by industry gold-standards (such as the Operating Principles for Impact Management, the Impact Management Project’s 5 Dimensions of Impact, and the GIIN’s IRIS+ framework);
    In addition, EQT Future tracks asset-level impact KPIs, that are aligned with the business impact case, as well as three ambitious sustainability performance KPIs across the portfolio:
  • GHG emissions reductions, in line with the Science Based Targets
  • Improved employee wellbeing through industry top-quartile eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score)
  • Increased gender diversity, where progress will be tracked towards a 50 percent split within the top 20 percent of earners in the company

The EQT Future Advisory Team is empowered by and works fully integrated with the firm’s entire platform with support from EQT’s in-house sustainability and digitization teams, including dedicated impact resources, as well as EQT Private Capital’s global sector teams, and EQT’s extensive advisory network.

The EQT Future Mission Board, co-chaired by Paul Polman and Jacob Wallenberg, brings a broad spectrum of expert competencies and provides strategic direction with a clear focus on the purpose and impact thesis of each investment.

In addition, EQT Future has lined up high caliber Impact Advisors who participate as advisors in the investment process, challenging the investment advisor team on impact management throughout the holding period.

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