“A New Way Forward” campaign spotlights how EQT drives cleaner mobility around the world

EQT is helping to drive the energy transition by making thematic investments across strategies and geographies that help decarbonize transportation by land, sea, and air

As the latest portfolio milestone, EQT-backed companies Voltera and Zayo recently announced their partnership to bring connectivity to zero-emission vehicle fleets

EQT launched “A New Way Forward”, a campaign showcasing the group’s investments in its infrastructure and venture capital portfolios that help drive the energy transition by land, sea, and air.

“EQT sees the energy transition as one of the most important challenges for society to solve, and this creates a compelling investment opportunity” says Partner and Head of EQT Value-Add Infrastructure Masoud Homayoun. “In the next few decades, we expect the way we use energy, move goods and transport people to be transformed and to reshape global economies. Private capital has a significant role to play in developing solutions that help deliver a timely energy transition.”

“Private capital should solve for maximizing performance while making a positive impact for all,” says EQT Global Head of Communications and External Affairs Ricardo Reyes. “At EQT, we invest with purpose. To illustrate how we’re driving positive impact across our portfolio, EQT is launching a series of campaigns this year with A New Way Forward as the inaugural campaign.”

The campaign uses digital content and visual assets, depicting First Student in the United States and InstaVolt in the United Kingdom, which are helping make everyday drives, from school bus commutes to road trips, more sustainable. A New Way Forward also highlights how Scandinavian companies Candela and Nordic Ferry Infrastructure are decarbonizing and electrifying boats to bridge connections within communities and to transform maritime commutes, while Heart Aerospace aims to create the world’s greenest, most affordable, and most accessible form of air transport.

As the latest milestone in the portfolio’s decarbonization journey, EQT-backed companies Voltera Power, a developer of charging infrastructure for zero-emission vehicles, and Zayo Group, a leading provider of communications infrastructure solutions, recently announced their partnership to bring advanced connectivity to electric vehicle charging and hydrogen refueling facilities and ultimately help enable a net-zero transportation system in the United States.

Combining a thematic investment strategy with deep sector expertise, EQT has endeavored to future-proof well-positioned companies in order to drive positive impact at scale. EQT will continue to share the firm’s progress as we push to convey our ongoing work to a wider range of audiences.

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