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Leading EV charging infrastructure network operator in the UK

The company supports the decarbonization of the transportation sector and facilitates the energy transition through developing mission-critical infrastructure in the UK's journey towards net zero.

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    United Kingdom
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    Anna Sundell
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    EQT Infrastructure V
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Established in 2016 and headquartered in Basingstoke, United Kingdom, InstaVolt owns and operates rapid EV (electric vehicle) charging infrastructure across the UK. The company partners with blue chip landlords to provide turnkey charging solutions and enjoys high customer satisfaction due to its reliable nationwide network, an easy-to-use interface with contactless payment, and high availability rates. InstaVolt’s charge points are primarily situated in locations where drivers can spend their time productively, such as retail, food and beverage and leisure sites.

Market trends and drivers
With the UK’s target to reach net zero by 2050 and the government’s decision to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, EV penetration is expected to increase materially over the next decade. Development of national charging networks is essential for the mass adoption of EVs as lack of charging infrastructure is a key purchaser concern. Additionally, a significant share of the UK population does not have access to charging at home or in the workplace, hence development of public charging infrastructure is essential in reaching the country’s sustainability targets.

Investment potential
InstaVolt represents a truly thematic investment by EQT in EV charging infrastructure. Supported by EQT, InstaVolt’s experienced management team will accelerate the ongoing rollout and thereby strengthen its already well-established charging network across the UK. EQT Infrastructure has extensive experience from multiple business models in the energy sector and will support management in their pursuit of new growth opportunities in current and new markets, drawing on EQT’s global footprint and extensive network of advisors.

Board of directors

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    Adrian Pike
  • Board member
    Dorothy Thompson
  • Board member
    Andrew Higginson
  • Board member
    Andrew Jones
  • Board member
    Benjamin Bygott-Webb
  • Board member
    Anna Sundell


  • CEO
    Adrian Keen
  • CFO
    Chris Bott
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