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Nordic Ferry Infrastructure

A leading pan-Nordic ferry platform

Nordic Ferry Infrastructure is the leading private passenger and freight sea transportation company in the Nordic region, providing essential ferry and express boat infrastructure across its route network of “floating bridges”, making it an essential part of the domestic transportation system.

  • Sector
    Transport & Logistics
  • Country
    Norway, Denmark, Sweden
  • Responsible Advisor
    Carl Sjölund
  • Fund
    EQT Infrastructure V
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Nordic Ferry Infrastructure

Nordic Ferry Infrastructure, headquartered in Oslo, Norway was formed in February 2022 through the combination of the two local ferry and express boat operators, Molslinjen and Torghatten, as well as the addition of ForSea in January 2023. It is the leading pan-Nordic floating bridge operator with a well-diversified portfolio of 70 routes operated by over 100 vessels, transporting over 26 million passengers per year. Its subsidiaries are market leaders in their respective countries.

Torghatten, founded in 1878, operates over 90 car ferries and smaller passenger ferries on 60 different connections along the Norwegian coastline, typically under medium to long term contracts with public transportation authorities. Danish Molslinjen, founded in 1963, links Denmark’s major population centers and connects several islands with the mainland. It operates a young, fit-for-purpose fleet of 21 vessels connecting 10 routes, including connections to Sweden and Germany, under long-term concession agreements as well as on a commercial basis as the sole operator with high barriers to entry.

Market trends and drivers

Nordic Ferry Infrastructure’s long-term development is supported by strong secular trends, such as a steady population and GDP growth, increased urbanization, increasing domestic travel and a stronger focus on decarbonizing societies, requiring operators to invest in zero or low emission transportation solutions. The Company is well positioned to capitalize on these shifts with its state-of-the-art ferry fleet, serving the most important travel corridors in the respective countries.

Investment potential

With a long track record of delivering profitable growth and operating a fit-for-purpose fleet on critical routes in the countries’ domestic transportation network, Nordic Ferry Infrastructure is well positioned to benefit from the expected growth in the underlying market. EQT intends to support the Company in its continued value creation journey through both organic and inorganic growth initiatives, domestically and cross-border, as well as digitalization and operational excellence initiatives.

Furthermore, EQT is committed to supporting the Company’s ambitious sustainability agenda to invest in the decarbonization of its fleet to further reduce environmental footprint and to remain on the forefront of the green transition in maritime transport sector. These investments will future-proof the company and secure its “license to operate”, making it a more attractive partner for society, employees and passengers across the Nordic countries, as well as a more valuable company for future owners.

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Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Niels Smedegaard
  • Board member
    Carl Sjölund
  • Board member
    John Österlund
  • Board member
    Dag Mejdell
  • Board member
    Roger Granheim
  • Board member
    Siri Kalvig
  • Board member
    Merete Eldrup


  • CEO
    Carsten Jensen
  • CFO
    Bjørn Harald Brodersen
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