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A global leader in calibration services

Trescal is the largest global independent owner and operator of calibration laboratories with an unmatched geographical presence, providing precision measurement solutions to a diverse range of industries worldwide.

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    Thomas Rajzbaum
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About Trescal

Established in 2007 and headquartered in Paris, France, Trescal is a global leader in calibration laboratories providing essential and regulated calibration services for testing and measurement equipment in a diverse range of critical end-markets such as aerospace, transport, telecommunications, and healthcare. With a logistics network of more than 380 sites and highly diversified portfolio of accreditations in more than 30 countries, Trescal is well-equipped to serve its customers on a global scale. Trescal's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has helped it achieve a number one or two market position in all countries that it operates within.

Market trends and drivers

Trescal operates in a highly attractive and resilient market, where the recurring and critical nature of its time-based calibration services is increasingly required by clients to ensure adherence to strict quality standards and compliance with industry-specific regulations and robust regulatory protection. With a global long-tenure customer base, Trescal stands in a strong position to leverage future market growth driven by the growing complexity of testing and measurement equipment and processes, the trend towards outsourcing calibration services, as well as the increasing prevalence of electrification, automation and digitization and the rising demand for electric and robotic calibrations.

The robust and long-lasting secular forces propelling growth in the calibration service industry coupled with the broad new set of emerging trends and the market's significant fragmentation, give rise to ample opportunities for pursuing growth strategies within the multiple global markets.

Investment potential

Supported by EQT, the experienced management team will remain focused on sustaining organic growth across all end markets, with a particular emphasis on high-growth sectors like healthcare and telecom. Seeking to lead the industry’s sustainable transformation, key value creation will be spearheaded by accelerating Trescal digital agenda and striving sustainability and diversity ambitions on the back of the company’s track record and extensive lab network, together with EQT expertise and capabilities.

Besides the comprehensive organic initiatives agenda, the company will also focus on capturing the large consolidation potential in the highly fragmented calibration industry, building on their past success with inorganic growth and robust pipeline of potential acquisitions to continue expansion into under-penetrated markets and segments.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Philippe Delpech
  • Board member
    Wolfhart Hauser
  • Board member
    Stefan Ranstrand
  • Board member
    Silvija Seres


  • CEO
    Guillaume Caroit
  • CFO
    Jean-Philippe Gelbert-Maury
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