Tognum Group

EQT IV bought Tognum from Daimler AG in 2006.

Tognum is the largest global supplier of diesel engines for off-highway applications combining high power and speed. Application areas include marine, power generation, defense and industrial.

  • Sector
    Industrial Technology
  • Country
  • Responsible Advisor
    Marcus Brennecke
  • Fund
    EQT IV
  • Entry
  • Exit

During EQT’s ownership, management of Tognum positioned and expanded the company successfully, and were given all opportunities to grow sales, earnings and also jobs to help the company on its course for long-term growth and prosperity. Tognum more than doubled its investments and improved its operations, its revenues and profits significantly with EQT as an owner.

EQT’s shares were partly sold in an IPO on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2007 and the remaining were shares sold to the strategic investor Daimler in 2008.

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