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Tion Renewables

Renewable energy producer and operator with a diversified European portfolio

Tion is a Germany-based renewable energy producer with a well-diversified portfolio of utility-scale solar, wind and battery storage in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Tion Renewables

About Tion Renewables

Tion Renewables, headquartered in Grünwald, Bavaria, is a renewable energy producer. It has a well-diversified portfolio of utility-scale solar, wind and battery storage assets across the European Union and the UK with a capacity of 167 MW as of 2022.

The company was founded in 2019 with a seed portfolio of solar and wind assets and has grown rapidly through further acquisitions in Europe and the UK. It has built a strong network of developers and benefits from a sizeable pipeline of additional solar, wind and battery storage projects across Europe and overseas.

Market trends and drivers

As an important energy market player producing over 300 GWh of green electricity every year, Tion is well-positioned in the context of the global energy transition. The company benefits from the ambitious renewable targets set by regulators, which are accelerating structural changes in the generation and storage of clean energy.

Investment potential

EQT Active Core Infrastructure will support Tion Renewables to build on its foundation of 167 MW of cash-generating operating assets and access to a development pipeline to accelerate the company’s growth and its contribution to the energy transition. EQT’s extensive experience in the renewable energy space and its extensive industrial network will assist Tion Renewables in pursuing new opportunities.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Thomas Wagner
  • Board member
    Dierk Paskert
  • Board member
    Per Hornung Pedersen
  • Board member
    Bettina Charrière


  • Co-CEO
    Martin Siddiqui
  • Co-CEO
    Christoph Strasser
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