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A global leading provider of digital experience management software that combines content, commerce, and customer insights

Sitecore has served more than 5,200 brands enabling them to drive business performance through tailored content across channels driving customer delight and loyalty, increasingly facilitated by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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    Christian Shin Høegh Andersen
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About Sitecore
Founded in 2001, Sitecore has become one of the global leading providers of digital experience management software. The company has continuously innovated its product offering and, from its heritage in web content management software, has developed a diversified digital experience management offering that allows customers to create compelling content, deliver personalized experiences across channels, and measure performance to optimize marketing effectiveness. Thus, Sitecore is providing a compelling product offering at the core of the digital marketing software market which is expected to experience continued attractive growth.

Market trends and drivers
With its products, Sitecore targets the digital marketing software market, which has experienced attractive growth in recent years driven by the increasing need to have a holistic view on customers as their journeys become more complex and span across multiple channels. This further drives the need for sophisticated solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable companies to provide more relevant content to a diverse set of audiences in a scalable and automated way, which ultimately allows them to improve business performance through increased relevance and conversion.

By using Sitecore’s products, customers can create content and design marketing activities that are more targeted and increasingly personalized for individual visitors. Delivering a consistent, personalized digital experience is an imperative across industry verticals as constantly-connected customers become more sophisticated and exercise more control over when and where to engage with a brand. However, as many companies are still in the early phases of executing digital transformation strategies to respond to these customer expectations, the digital marketing software market is expected to experience continued momentum as companies mature further.

Investment potential
EQT’s value creation plan is focused on driving further subscription and cloud revenues alongside continued innovation and expansion of Sitecore’s product offering through R&D as well as potential acquisitions to maintain the company’s leading market position. EQT will also support the management team in further driving operational excellence.

Board of directors

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    Darren Roos
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    Christian Andersen
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    Maggie Buggie
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    Bjarne Hansen
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    Marjorie Lao
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    Michael Ouissi
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    Sal Laher


  • CEO
    Dave O’Flanagan
  • CFO
    Peter David
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