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SHL Medical

A leading developer and manufacturer of advanced drug delivery systems such as autoinjectors and partner to global pharma and biotech firms.

SHL’s products enable effective and precise delivery of highly complex biologics and biosimilar drugs.

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    Andreas Aschenbrenner
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SHL Medical

SHL Medical

About SHL
SHL was founded in 1989 by Swedish entrepreneur Roger Samuelsson. The company is headquartered in Zug, CH and has operations in Europe, Asia and the US, employing approximately 5,000 people.

Market trends and drivers
SHL operates in a highly attractive market with strong double-digit growth and limited cyclicality, driven by the underlying fast growing biologics and biosimilar market. The company holds a leading market position with deep innovation and manufacturing capabilities, proprietary IP, strong track record with global pharmaceutical companies as well as a diversified customer base. The market is characterized by high entry barriers due to protected IP and customers who require a proven track record of suppliers of mission-critical devices.

Investment Potential
EQT, in partnership with the founder and majority shareholder of SHL, Roger Samuelsson, will focus on supporting the company to capture market potential, including successful scaling of marketed drugs and capturing fair market share on new pipeline products through commercial excellence. Furthermore, EQT will help to re-enforce the SHL platform and strengthen corporate functions to adapt to scale, accelerate digitalization and optimize global footprint to offer additional value propositions to customers.

Board of directors

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    Ulrich Faessler
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    Andreas Aschenbrenner
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    Steffen Oppenlaender
  • Board member
    Petra Rumpf
  • Board member
    Stephen Oesterle
  • Board member
    Thomas Ebeling


  • CEO
    Ulrich Faessler
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