Leading provider of infection prevention solutions to the healthcare industry

Schülke is a pioneer in the infection prevention industry with more than 130 years of experience, protecting lives worldwide by providing critical products for global disease prevention.


About Schülke
Founded in 1889 in Hamburg, schülke’s mission is to protect lives worldwide by providing critical hygiene solutions that effectively combat risks for humans and materials from infection and contamination. Schülke is a pioneer within infection prevention solutions and the Company has operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Liquide since 1996. Today, schülke offers a diversified product portfolio, including disinfection products for hand, skin and surface as well as wound antisepsis products. It serves as a reliable partner to its healthcare and industrial customers and has built a strong brand in the OTC market, especially in its core European markets. The Company generates sales in more than 100 countries and employs more than 1,250 people worldwide.
Unique characteristics of the company are its comprehensive & differentiated product portfolio, strong innovation capabilities and high customer loyalty, leading to a strong competitive positioning and a highly attractive financial profile. schülke has shown a strong growth track record over the last years.

Market trends and Drivers
Schülke operates in a resilient market driven by attractive secular growth drivers and characterized by low cyclicality and high barriers to entry. The key drivers for the healthcare market growth include an aging population, growing number of hospital-acquired infections and stricter regulatory requirements. OTC markets are also expected to grow further as a result of increased consumer awareness and demand.

The investment is a good example of how EQT is investing thematically with the trends in strong, non-cyclical businesses in its core sectors, such as healthcare. It is guided by SDGs, specifically #3 ‘Good Health and Well-being’, as Schülke is actively contributing to combatting risks for and preventing humans and materials from infection and contamination, the importance of which becomes especially visible in the COVID-19 crisis.

Investment Potential
EQT plans to build on Schülke’s current strategic agenda executed by the management team. The strategy includes investing in growth, strengthening the Company’s position in core as well as new markets, and focusing on continued R&D and new product development. EQT also intends to support Schülke in staying at the forefront within sustainability and to invest in the Company’s workforce. In the near term EQT will support Schülke in its efforts to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing the supply of urgently needed disinfectants.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Stefan Heidenreich
  • Board member
    Matthias Wittkowski
  • Board member
    Katrin Suder
  • Board member
    Bradley Gould
  • Board member
    Sophie Dutilloy
  • Board member
    Micol Fornaroli


  • CEO
    Stefan Kukacka
  • CFO
    Hans-Christian Nehlsen
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