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A leading provider of property remediation and environmental services in the Nordics.

Recover serves insurance companies, municipalities, industrial and commercial companies across the Nordics, helping end-customers return to everyday life as quickly as possible following property damages and unexpected events.

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    Juho Frilander
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About Recover
A majority of Recover's operations relate to property remediation activities following i.e. water or fire damages. The company also offers a variety of environmental services, including pipe cleaning, industrial cleaning, sludge management and dry suction. Recover was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The company operates around 100 branches across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and has around 2,100 employees.

Market Trends & Drivers
Recover provides mission critical services in attractive and defensive markets. Property remediation and environmental services have limited exposure to the economic cycle and both markets are supported by mega trends such as urbanization, more extreme weather and wear & tear of buildings and infrastructure.

Investment Potential
EQT will support Recover's management team in strengthening the company’s position as the leading property remediation and environmental services player in the Nordics. EQT will support Recover with further investments in digitalization, professionalization and sustainable processes, as well as a continued M&A strategy.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Åge Landro
  • Board Member
    Juho Frilander
  • Board member
    Liselott Kilaas
  • Board member
    Tor Magne Lønnum
  • Board member
    Magdalena Persson
  • Board member
    Thomas Hilde


  • CEO
    Ted Söderholm
  • CFO
    Erik Sandøy
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