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A Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR) provider securing clients across Europe and the US via its AI-powered Security Operations Centers

Ontinue MXDR platform secures organizations by rapidly detecting, analyzing, investigating and actively responding to cyber threats and disruptions by leveraging AI-driven automation as well as human expertise via its 24/7 Security Operations Center Services

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    Christian Küpper
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    EQT Mid Market Europe
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About Ontinue

Ontinue originated from the former MXDR (Managed Extended Detection and Response) division of Open Systems that was established in 2020. In 2023 the MXDR division was fully separated from Open Systems’ Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) business and has since then been operating stand-alone under the Ontinue brand. Ontinue has shown consistent growth, developing into a leading and scaled provider.

Headquartered in both Zurich, Switzerland, and Redwood City, California, and with over 200 employees, Ontinue currently secures the IT infrastructure of over 170 clients predominantly in Europe and the US.

Market trends and drivers

The investment in Ontinue provides access to the rapidly growing MDR (Managed Detection and Response) market. With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly frequent, costly, and sophisticated, organizations require specialized MDR services to efficiently manage their cyber security posture 24/7. Digital transformation and increased remote work are further fuelling this trend by increasing the overall attack surface.

Investment potential

Since inception in 2020, Ontinue has built an industry-leading MXDR platform that leverages automation to augment human intelligence enabling Ontinue to efficiently scale its operations. Ontinue’s acquisition of Tiberium in November 2022 has further added to Ontinue’s AI automation capabilities, propelling Ontinue into a strong position to further scale and enter the next phase of growth in the highly dynamic cybersecurity space.

Board of directors

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    Bernd-Michael Rumpf
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    Michael Fey
  • Board member
    Maggie Chan Jones
  • Board member
    Martin Bosshardt
  • Board member
    Gavriella Schuster
  • Board member
    Christian Küpper
  • Board member
    Florian Funk


  • CEO
    Geoff Haydon
  • CFO
    Andreas Seidl
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