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Nexon Asia Pacific

A leading end to end managed IT services provider in Australia

Nexon delivers innovative, integrated, tailored and scalable solutions to support IT functions of clients.

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    Frank Heckes
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    EQT Mid Market Asia III
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Nexon Asia Pacific

Nexon Asia Pacific

About Nexon
Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon) is an award-winning digital consulting and managed services partner for mid-market, and government organisations across Australia. We have a uniquely broad suite of solutions to service clients who require end-to-end capabilities coupled with specialist expertise in security, cloud and digital solutions.

Our end-to-end solutions help clients to solve problems, address frictions and accelerate growth. Committed to the highest standards of responsiveness, competency and transparency, Nexon is built on a unique client care model that is fuelled by continuous feedback. With over 400 staff, we employ some of the country’s most experienced consultants and empower teams to make decisions that accelerate change for client organisations.

As a certified and accredited local and state government provider, CREST and ISO-certified, Nexon partners with world-class technology vendors to deliver innovative solutions and service excellence.

We help our clients move from a position of overwhelm to empowerment, looking forward to a more agile and digital future.

Market trends and drivers
The Company is expected to benefit from strong underlying secular trends, including increased share of IT outsourcing and growing cloud adoption. The Australian managed IT services market is characterized by a fragmented market structure, creating an opportunity for Nexon to drive consolidation.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Neil Wilson
  • Board member
    Barry Assaf
  • Board member
    Vince Fayad
  • Board member
    Neil Verrall


  • CEO
    Barry Assaf
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