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The UK's leading digital-first pet insurance provider

ManyPets is one of the UK’s leading pet insurance providers, bringing a customer-centric, digital-first approach that enables better pricing and user experiences.

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    United Kingdom
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    Carolina Brochado
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    EQT Growth
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About ManyPets
Founded in 2012 by CEO Steven Mendel and CTO Guy Farley and headquartered in London, UK, ManyPetsis dedicated to providing a fairer, more transparent and digital-first insurance experience. It launched exclusively into pet insurance in 2017 and now reaches millions of pet owners across Europe and the US. Today, ManyPets has emerged as one of the leading pet insurers in Europe and covers almost half a billion pets globally, including in the US, where it launched in early 2021.

Market trends and drivers
The pet insurance industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, driven by strong secular tailwinds such as growing pet ownership and pets increasingly being considered as core family members by their owners. Nonetheless, pet insurance penetration is low in markets such as the UK and US and as a result, while scientific advances are enabling more sophisticated veterinary treatments, many pets are unable to access improved care. Thanks to its digital-first approach and customer centric focus, ManyPets is in prime position to continue expanding its market share.

Investment potential
EQT Growth will be able to leverage its global advisory network and extensive local presence in both the US and all major European countries to support ManyPets’s international expansion and accelerate its growth. ManyPetswill also benefit from EQT’s long background in the pet industry, having developed IVC Evidensia (the largest veterinary clinic network in Europe) and Musti Group (the largest pet care specialist in the Nordics, listed on Nasdaq Helsinki since 2020).

Find out more about the investment on EQT Growth’s Medium.


  • CEO & Co-Founder
    Steven Mendel
  • CTO & Co-Founder
    Guy Farley
  • CFO
    Luisa Barile
  • CCO
    Charlotte Halkett
  • Chief People Officer
    Julia Ingall
  • COO
    Oke Eleazu
  • Head of International
    Steve Long
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