Leybold Optics

Leybold Optics GmbH is a world leader in vacuum thin film technology and develops and manufactures deposition equipment for a broad range of applications including optics, architectural glass and solar.

The Company was founded 160 years ago by inventors Ernst Leybold and Wilhelm Carl Heraeus. EQT III acquired Leybold from Zurich based Unaxis Group in late 2001.

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During EQT III's ownership, Leybold pursued an active expansion including the opening of production sites in the US and China as part of its global production strategy, add-on acquisitions as well as the entry into large area coating applications such as architectural glass and solar.

In April 2012, EQT III reached an agreement to sell Leybold Optics to the family-held conglomerate Bühler AG. The Swiss technology group has a global footprint and specializes in the field of mechanical and thermal process engineering.

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