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Leading supply chain sustainability management software

IntegrityNext enables businesses to meet ESG requirements, manage ESG risks and improve supply chain sustainability.

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    Dominik Stein
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    EQT Growth
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Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Munich, Germany, IntegrityNext provides a SaaS solution for customers to assess and monitor their supply chain for sustainability risk and compliance, an increasingly critical task to meet growing stakeholder demands and regulatory requirements.

The solution provides a streamlined way for enterprises to assess their supply chain whilst providing clear requirements and ease of compliance for suppliers, with strong network effects as high supplier coverage and overlap lead to faster assessment completion for prospective customers. The Company has built a best-in-class value proposition and has become the leading player within Germany all whilst being bootstrapped, through the support of a high achieving management team.

Market trends and drivers
IntegrityNext operates within a large and emerging market, driven by recent and upcoming Europe-wide and global regulations. The increasing stakeholder and governmental push to drive sustainability visibility and compliance across the supply chain is expected to result in rapid growth within IntegrityNext’s core market over coming years. IntegrityNext is well positioned to capture this impending market opportunity, as proven by its leading positioning in Germany which has been spearheading European supply chain sustainability regulatory requirements, and having developed a best-in-class value proposition and early network effects amongst a vast supplier base.

Investment potential
EQT Growth will partner with IntegrityNext’s management team to support in capturing the extensive market opportunity arising globally, whilst continuing to invest in the Company’s tech platform. As IntegrityNext continues to build its commercial expertise it will benefit from access to EQT’s in-house digital team, EQT’s network of expert industrial advisors, and EQT’s local-with-locals network across Europe.

Board of directors

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    Carsten Thoma
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    Dominik Stein


  • CEO and Co-founder
    Martin Berr-Sorokin
  • COO and Co-founder
    Nick Heine
  • CRO and Co-founder
    Simon Jaehnig
  • CTO
    Uwe Krieger
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