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Epidemic Sound

A market leading platform for restriction-free music

Epidemic Sound is a music-tech company with a market leading platform for restriction-free music that collaborates with musicians all over the world to produce quality music that soundtracks everything from videos on social media to TV and film productions - consumers can also listen to tracks on music streaming platforms.

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    Victor Englesson
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    EQT Growth
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Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound

About Epidemic Sound
Epidemic Sound is a market leading platform for restriction-free music headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, offering high-quality music, primarily targeting video content production clients, in-store music and streaming platforms. The company owns a growing music library consisting of more than 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects in over 170 genres and styles.

Epidemic Sound’s business model has been tailor made since inception in 2009 to simplify music licensing. Primarily through a subscription-based model, customers are given access to the company’s extensive music library for usage in content production, with all rights included on all platforms, in any country, for unlimited time, and with no reporting needs.

Market trends and drivers
Epidemic Sound is strategically positioned in the global music industry given its differentiated business model and is well-positioned to benefit from strong secular trends including hypergrowth in online video content production and consumption, shift to music streaming services from other forms of listening, the democratization of music and increasing trend of using situational music in stores to enhance customer experience and brand affiliation.

Investment potential
EQT Mid Market Europe and EQT Growth’s strategy is to support Epidemic Sound’s growth journey through further investments in the product platform and continued international expansion with the mission to release the company’s full growth potential in both existing and new end-markets.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Andrew Fisher
  • Board member
    Vania Schlogel
  • Board member
    Jan Zachrisson
  • Board member
    Victor Englesson
  • Board member
    Vincent Letteri
  • Board member
    Kirsten Wolber
  • Board member
    Adrienne Gormley


  • CEO
    Oscar Höglund
  • CFO
    Sara Börsvik
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