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The leading global manufacturer of branded protective wellington boots

Dunlop's products provide comfort and protection for professionals in Agriculture & Fishery, Food processing, Industry and the Oil, Gas & Mining industry.

  • Industrial Technology
  • The Netherlands
  • Isidoor Rutten
  • EQT Mid Market Europe
  • 2018

About Dunlop
A Good, Better, Best product offering is provided by manufacturing wellington boots made of PVC, Acifort® and Purofort®. The superior Purofort® material is best in class in terms of comfort and is proprietary to Dunlop.

The company has enjoyed long term growth thanks to its strong Dunlop brand, product range, it’s innovation capabilities and focus on the end user. With over 500 employees, three production sites in the Netherlands, Portugal and the US, Dunlop serves customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

Market trends and drivers
On a global scale, key drivers are 1) more stringent safety regulation, 2) increasing importance of health and safety within companies and 3) raising focus on personal protection and safety among employees. On top, comfort is of increasing importance for buyers & wearers, this is accelerating the demand for Purofort® boots due to its favorable product characteristics.

Investment potential
EQT is excited to support the continued global growth of Dunlop, by enhancing the Company’s go-to-market approach in the US, driving expansion into underpenetrated and new geographies, and fostering new product development. Dunlop is expected to benefit from EQT’s deep sector expertise within tech and digitalization in its mission to further expand its e-commerce platform. EQT also intends to support Dunlop’s growth ambitions through add-on acquisitions.

  • Chairperson
    Per-Erik Lindquist
  • Board member
    Isidoor Rutten
  • Board member
    Floris van Halder
  • Board member
    Allard Bijlsma


  • CFO
    Rob Martens
  • COO
    Albert Weier
  • CCO
    Servaas Arts
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