DESOTEC is a provider of mobile industrial filtration services, based on activated carbon that enables customers to comply with increasing environmental regulations and sustainability requirements.

Founded in 1990, DESOTEC has pioneered the market for the purification of liquids and gases through mobile activated carbon filters.

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During its 30 years in business, the company has established itself as a European market leader in this field. DESOTEC provides filtration services that enable its customers to comply with increased environmental regulations and sustainability requirements and to serve mission-critical filtration needs offering a flexible rental solution.

DESOTEC’s fleet of mobile filters is the largest of its kind in Europe and it serves a broad range of industrial applications, including air emission, biogas, remediation, wastewater, and chemicals. The company’s mobile filters enable its customers to comply with environmental regulations and sustainability requirements, through its closed-loop, “Filtration-as-a-Service” rental solution.

DESOTEC has an impressive track-record of double-digit organic growth, which has been further accelerated under EQT's ownership.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Juergen Pinker
  • Board Member
    Saleh Panahi
  • Board Member
    Jad El Ajaltouni
  • Board Member
    Ursula Boehm
  • Board Member
    Vesa Koskinen


  • CEO
    Mario Hertegonne - CEO
  • CFO
    Julie Santens
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