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BSN medical is a leading global medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets wound care, compression therapy and non-invasive orthopaedic products mainly to hospitals, pharmacies and sanitary shops.

BSN medical has production facilities in Germany, France, Colombia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa and New Zealand, operating globally through its own sales & distribution network, joint ventures and distribution agents.

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    Michael Bauer
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    EQT VI
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The Wound Care & Vascular segment includes the Wound Care business which comprises both Acute and Advanced Wound Care products as well as the Compression Therapy business which focuses on ready-to-wear and custom-made compression garments, covering phlebology and lymphology indications.

In Orthopaedics, BSN offers a comprehensive range of products for fracture management, physiotherapy and orthopedic soft goods. BSN owns and manufactures several established brands such as Leukoplast®, Leukomed®, Gypsona®, Orthoglass®, JOBST®, Radiante®, Delta-cast®, Actimove® and Tricodur®.

BSN was established as a joint venture between Beiersdorf AG and Smith & Nephew plc in 2001.

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