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BLOOM Fresh International

BLOOM Fresh International is one of the world’s largest premium fruit-breeding companies

With over 30 years of experience, BLOOM uses natural breeding techniques to develop new table grape, raisin, and cherry varieties for consumers worldwide.

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    Food Technology
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    United Kingdom
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    Carl Johan Renström
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BLOOM Fresh International

BLOOM advances the fresh produce industry by bringing forward fruit varieties with improved eating characteristics and sustainable fruit production for growers. Headquartered in the UK, it was formed in 2023 through the combination of two fruit breeders: SNFL, founded in 1992, and IFG, founded in 2001. The company is a truly global breeding business with a footprint in 22 countries.

The Companies’ teams of geneticists, molecular biologists, agronomists and technologists have developed innovative new patented table grape and cherry varieties for over three decades. In addition to being more resistant to disease, which reduces the need for harmful fungicides, the grapes and cherries are more durable and resistant, have higher yields, have more consistent taste, and have higher nutritional values than legacy varieties. BLOOM has developed significant expertise in innovative fruit breeding, creating broad gene banks that form the foundation for the evolution of new varieties.

Market trends and drivers

BLOOM sits in EQT Future’s prioritized sub-sector of FoodTech. The fruits genetics space is well positioned to benefit from the secular ‘agriculture tech’ wave, which is driven by the need for increased agricultural yields and disease immunity and evolving consumer preferences. Fruit genetics sits in one of the most attractive positions in the food value chain due to the high R&D-intensity and licensing business model, which creates downside protected businesses with strong earning visibility.

Investment potential

The investment in BLOOM echoes EQT Future’s commitment to fostering industries that champion positive change. The combined company has an excellent track record and potential to continue to transform the fruit industry. BLOOM’s varieties  provide higher yield for farmers, better fruit flavor and texture to enhance customer experience, and improve economics for retailers by ensuring longer shelf life and ability to differentiate.

In accordance with EQT Future’s impact-driven strategy, EQT will support the development of disease-resistant varieties that reduces the need for fungicide use in the growing process, providing a solution for one of the grape industry’s biggest environmental challenges. Furthermore, BLOOM will leverage EQT's inhouse digital and tech expertise, global presence and network of advisors to strengthen their systems and organizations.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Jarl Dahlfors
  • Board Member
    Carl Johan Renström
  • Board Member
    Carlos Santana
  • Board Member
    Alvaro Muñoz
  • Board Member
    Pablo Sánchez-Lozano
  • Board Member
    Kevin Schwartz
  • Board Member
    Andrew Higginson


  • CEO
    Kenneth Avery
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