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Beijer Ref

A world-leading wholesaler of cooling technology and air conditioning

The company provides a wide range of products within commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and heating with strong local and global market presence.

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    Albert Gustafsson
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    EQT IX
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Beijer Ref

Beijer Ref

About Beijer Ref
Founded in Sweden in 1866, Beijer Ref is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, with approximately 3,700 employees. The Company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap segment.

Beijer Ref is a leading global value-added distributor of refrigeration and HVAC products, and also operates a greentech OEM business. It is present in 36 countries where it connects more than 1,000 suppliers with more than 100,000 customers. The company offers unique technical expertise, reliability, and proximity, as well as a comprehensive product portfolio with exclusive distribution agreements for leading OEMs.

Market Trends and Drivers
The market for distribution of refrigeration and HVAC products is growing driven by several strong underlying megatrends including replacement of the existing installed base, which makes up the majority of the market, as well as phase-out of F-gases and global warming.

Investment Potential
The development plan for Beijer Ref is to further strengthen market dominance in current geographies, through organic as well as inorganic initiatives, as well as drive commercial excellence across branch management, digitalization and automation.

Board of directors

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    Kate Swann
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    Albert Gustafsson
  • Board member
    Joen Magnusson
  • Board member
    Per Bertland
  • Board member
    Kerstin Lindvall
  • Board member
    William Striebe
  • Board member
    Frida Norrbom Sams
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