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Banking Circle

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Next-generation provider of mission-critical infrastructure for cross border payment processing

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    Mads Ditlevsen
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Banking Circle

Banking Circle

About Banking Circle
Banking Circle is a next-generation provider of mission-critical infrastructure for cross border payment processing, offering reduced complexity, time and cost. The company uses direct clearing access through blue-chip partner banks to serve the fast-growing online payment processing provider market. Banking Circle has around 150 employees and was processing run-rate annual payments volumes of approximately EUR 60 billion.

Market trends and drivers
Traditional cross border payment processing, using several correspondent banks, can be inefficient for fast-growing online payment processing providers. In addition, banks and FinTechs are increasingly focusing on the consumer- and merchant-facing part of the value chain and want to reduce their infrastructure complexity. Banking Circle provides a one-stop-platform for processing cross border payments. Barriers to entry are high and Banking Circle has established close partnerships with clearing banks and customers in a conservative industry with complex regulations.

Investment potential
Highly scalable platform and business model. Going forward, EQT will support the continued acceleration of Banking Circle’s growth strategy, as well as the expansion of the product portfolio.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Wolfgang Gaertner
  • Board member
    Mads Ditlevsen
  • Board member
    Marie-Anne van den Berg


  • Co-Founder & Co-CEO
    Anders la Cour
  • Co-Founder & Co-CEO
    Laust Bertelsen
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