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EQT Growth

Unleashing growth in European technology champions

EQT Growth in short

  • EUR 50m - EUR 200m Investment range
  • 7No. of portfolio companies
  • 14Investment Advisory Professionals

Supporting fast-growing technology companies as they take the next step to scale

Investing behind long-term macro trends within four primary tech sub-sectors: enterprise, con/prosumer, health, and climate

As digital transformation continues to sweep the globe, European and Israeli companies – more so than ever – are at the epicenter of this wave. EQT Growth is primed to drive the region’s leaders even further.

Complementing and leveraging the EQT ecosystem

EQT Growth seeks to invest around EUR 50 million to EUR 200 million, backing strong management teams of companies supported by secular macro trends. It aims to unleash sustainable growth in Europe and Israel’s leading technology companies, employing its thematic investment strategy, strong local presence, growth-stage expertise, and active ownership approach – supported by the global power of EQT.

You can find out more about EQT Growth’s approach, while getting the behind-the-scenes on its deals and meeting the team, on our Medium.

Current portfolio

  • Ardoq
  • Epidemic Sound
  • Mambu

EQT Growth team