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Unleashing growth in global technology champions

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  • EUR 50m - EUR 200m Investment range
  • 9No. of portfolio companies
  • 14Investment Advisory Professionals

Supporting leading growth-stage technology companies as they take the next step to scale

As digital transformation continues to sweep the globe, European and Israeli companies – more so than ever – are at the epicenter of this wave. EQT Growth is primed to drive the region’s leaders even further.

EQT Growth invests in companies within four primary tech sub-sectors: enterprise, con/prosumer, health, and climate. It partners with companies supported by long-term macro trends, deeply researching each sub-sector so it can invest with complete conviction in the companies that are truly primed for enduring success.

With a team based in five countries across Europe, and support from EQT Group’s global network, EQT Growth’s local presence ensures direct access to many of the continent’s most-established tech hubs.

The EQT Growth Advisory Team

The EQT Growth team has extensive investing and operating experience, and as active investors wants to roll up its sleeves day-in, day-out. The team supports its portfolio companies however called upon, including through EQT's in-house sustainability and tech operating partners, capital markets experts, and proprietary AI platform, Motherbrain.

You can find out more about EQT Growth’s approach, while getting the behind-the-scenes on its deals and meeting the team, on the team's Medium.

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