Statement of Purpose

EQT is a purpose-driven global investment organization focused on active ownership strategies, while responsibly investing in, owning and developing companies and real assets. As established in EQT’s articles of association, EQT shall strive to conduct its business in a way that future-proofs companies and has a positive impact with everything we do.

EQT has an enduring commitment to responsible investment and has since inception had a multi-stakeholder approach, with the original concept from EQT’s founding in 1994 of being “more than capital”. This concept still embodies the fundamental mindset that defines EQT and our active ownership approach. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for future-proofing companies, EQT continues to further incorporate the long-term ownership philosophy of the Swedish Wallenberg family.

Today, EQT is a differentiated global investment organization with a three-decade history of responsibly investing in, owning and developing companies and real assets. With a Nordic heritage and a global mindset combined with well-grounded values and a deeply rooted culture, EQT funds have a track record of consistent and attractive returns across geographies, sectors and strategies. We do this by making a real difference: EQT has on average grown portfolio company revenues per year by 18 percent, EBITDA by 24 percent and the number of employees by 13 percent, over the last five years.

As EQT has grown, our philosophy has been further ingrained into the EQT way of doing business. By taking an active role and working closely with management and boards, EQT supports its portfolio companies and real assets with hands-on governance and expertise, leveraged from both within the EQT platform and the global network of EQT Advisors. Providing both capital and competence constitutes the essence of EQT’s active ownership approach and is difficult to replicate. It allows us not only to create attractive returns for EQT funds’ investors, but also to be part of the solution and make a positive impact that prevails during and after EQT funds’ ownership period.

Shouldering the role as an active owner is not done overnight. It requires trust from multiple stakeholders and such trust is earned over time. At EQT, we have always been dependent on our license to operate to continue carrying out our mission. This has meant a continuous quest to gain and preserve confidence from a broad set of stakeholders such as portfolio companies’ employees and customers, fund investors, unions, the media, and politicians – and since the public listing, also EQT AB’s shareholders.

Going forward, we will develop EQT and our investments to prosper and be sustainable. We do this by promoting regenerative processes and equitable business practices and by ensuring that leadership is held accountable. We believe this will ensure that EQT stays successful and relevant for its investors and society as a whole for the long term.

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