Dedicated to transform the industry

EQT’s Motherbrain team is transforming the digital way of thinking within the private equity industry, by leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning to give EQT a unique edge.

Leveraging data

Motherbrain started in 2016 as a platform for EQT Ventures to be truly data-driven in finding the best tech start-ups to invest in. As thousands of new start-ups are founded every day, no human can rate them all.

Today, a number of potential investments, identified with Motherbrain and assessed by EQT Ventures, have grown into potential investments for EQT Growth, creating an extension to the rest of the EQT platform.

Motherbrain supports the tracking of company life-cycles rather than deal life-cycles, ending at a fund’s exit. By visualizing and making the data accessible, building on a common corporate memory and collectively trained algorithms, Motherbrain creates structural competitive advantages enabling EQT to make faster and more substantiated decisions.

Market Analysis and Monitoring
EQT’s has sophisticated technology to use in the similarity models. Motherbrain provides multiple tools for analyzing peers and competitors as well as sourcing add-ons and analyzing markets for M&A opportunities.

Expert and Talent Sourcing

Motherbrain combines external data points with company data and 140,000 unique connections uploaded by EQT employees.

Metrics and True Benchmarking
Motherbrain’s most successful effort to capture metrics is the automated note parser. Through this functionality, EQT captures crucial metrics without changing users’ behavior.