Building long-term relationships

EQT has a diversified blue-chip client base from all over the world, many of which have invested in the EQT funds since inception. Continuous and consultative dialogue is an important part of building and maintaining these long-term relationships.

EQT Annual Investors’ Meeting 2021.
EQT Annual Investors’ Meeting 2021.

EQT's client base

EQT has a diversified, stable, and global client base, which includes over 1,000 institutional investors. Among the clients are some of the leading institutions in the world, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, private wealth, endowments, and foundations.

EQT’s client base is also diverse in terms of geography. Approximately 29 percent of capital raised in active funds come from clients in the Americas. Clients from the Nordics and the rest of Europe account for around 39 percent, Asia Pacific 22 percent, and the Middle East 10 percent.

EQT aims to retain and strengthen relationships with existing clients by delivering strong risk-adjusted returns, a continuous and consultative dialogue as well as high-quality services. EQT’s Client Relations and Capital Raising team are responsible for coordinating and driving all fundraising and client service-related activities. The overarching goal for the Client Relations and Capital Raising team is to support all EQT’s business lines and funds by building and maintaining strong client relationships. As EQT expands its business, the Client Relations and Capital Raising team are constantly engaging with new clients to selectively partner with and broaden the client base further. The team is also responsible for arranging EQT’s client events, such as the Annual Investors’ Meeting, New York Investor Day, and Asia Pacific Investor Day.

Commitments by client geography

as of 31 December 2022

Since its inception, EQT funds have raised more than EUR 166 billion*. The EQT client base has a low level of concentration and is well diversified across client types and geographies. Approximately 1,000 clients are invested in active EQT funds.

*Includes EQT funds raised since inception, and all its recent combinations.

22%Asia Pacific
20%Rest of Europe
12%Middle East