Future-proofing EQT

All industries are affected by digital disruption, and although the speed and rate may vary, it is unavoidable and can ultimately transform entire industries. Applying deep sector expertise and curiosity for innovation is vital in the digital era. EQT’s digital mission is to ensure that EQT and the EQT funds’ portfolio companies are digital leaders in their respective industries, now and in the future.

Aiming for digital leadership

Leveraging digital technology is a critical element of future-proofing both EQT, as an organization, and the portfolio companies. As part of this, EQT has made significant investments in building its digital capabilities and infrastructure over the past several years.

EQT's Digital Mission

EQT wants to capture new opportunities and realize the full potential of digital by leveraging talent, technology, data, and ways-of-working to...

  • Continuously make each EQT fund an ever smarter and more innovative investor.
  • Support all portfolio companies in their pursuit for digital leadership in their respective industries and markets.
  • Make EQT’s customer experience and operations ever faster, more scalable and precise.
  • Ensure that EQT drives transformation of the global investment ecosystem.

Integrated digital capabilities