Life at EQT

EQT Academy

EQT Academy is an important tool for nurturing EQT’s values and culture while providing training for each career stage and function within the business, focusing on the skills relevant to each employee’s development.

Building next generation leaders

Teams at EQT consist of a mix of senior leaders and younger professionals, all with different expertise, but equally focused on how to optimize results in the best way.

Business continuity relies on proficient leaders who are ready to step up at the right point in time in all parts of the organization. It is key to not only develop skills and qualifications but also executive leadership, corporate responsibility, decision making and feedback skills.

EQT employees are entrepreneurial and have a strong drive. If you believe in something and want to realize it - make it happen!

Career Paths

Regardless of which area you operate in at EQT,  there are growth and development opportunities.

The entry level as an Investment Advisory Professional is Associate. From Associate you develop into Vice President, Director, Managing Director and finally, Partner.

If you join EQT’s Digital team, Client Relations & Capital Raising or other Central teams, the path vary depending on the function. The most common is that you start as an Associate within your specialist field, and then develop into Manager, Director and Managing Director.

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