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If you want to complain, you may also contact the data protection authority in your country.

EQT CV Privacy Notice

If you submit information about yourself through this website - for example, by submitting your contact details and CV, we will process your personal data for recruiting purposes only (including by potentially contacting any referees provided in your CV). We recommend that you do not include sensitive personal data such as political views, religious/philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, health information or information about children. If you provide us with information about third parties, such as referees, we will assume that you have obtained the consent of that third party to provide such information to EQT, and for EQT to collect, process and to transfer their personal data to the same extent as yours (as described below).

The purpose for collecting and processing this information is to be able to consider your suitability for a role within our organisation and to be able to contact you in this regard.

As part of our evaluation of applicants, we may disclose your personal data to appropriate parties within our organisation, including:

  • our human resources personnel and other authorised personnel who oversee and administer our recruitment and selection process;
  • to other members in the group of EQT companies or affiliates (who may also have openings for persons with your skill set and experience) as well their relevant personnel who are best placed to evaluate whether your skill set and experience may be relevant or appropriate;
  • to external advisers who EQT may consult for advice or to benefit from their expertise and experience in the market;
  • if it were necessary to disclose to government agencies or other third parties in order to comply with applicable laws;

EQT’s business is international and EQT may therefore need to transfer your personal data to other EQT group companies or affiliates or third parties located in countries that do not have data protection legislation equivalent to that in force in the European Union. Other EQT group companies and organizations located outside of the European Union are subject to our common data privacy policies and handle personal data in the same way we do. Where we transfer your data outside the European Union we will do so on the basis of: (i) an adequacy decision; (ii) model contract clauses; or (iii) another valid transfer mechanisms. EQT maintains appropriate organisational and security management systems to protect your personal information throughout our organisation.

If we consider that you may be suitable for a position, EQT will contact you.

If we do not have a position open, or we do not currently have a position which we think is suited to your skill set and experience, we will retain your CV for a maximum period of 2 years. If there has been no appropriate vacancy within such time, your CV and personal data will be deleted. You may request that your personal data and CV is removed earlier by contacting EQT at the email address below.

You have the right to see a copy of the information that we hold about you and have information that we hold about you corrected or deleted. You may also object to the processing of our information where we process your data on legitimate grounds. If you wish to contact us about your CV and personal data, please contact us at: dataprotection [@]