What does the AI revolution mean for the future of digital infrastructure?

It has been estimated that AI could add $13 trillion to the global economy. But for that to happen, does the globe's digital infrastructure need an upgrade?

As part of our "A New Way Forward" campaign highlighting EQT's approach to the infrastructure sector, we have published a report asking what the AI revolution means for the future of digital infrastructure?

EdgeConneX data center - part of the EQT Infrastructure portfolio

AI is the buzzword of the day. But, for it to meaningfully improve people’s lives, the digital infrastructure that powers these compute-intensive applications needs to modernize — fast.

In the coming years, the AI boom will put yet more strain on digital infrastructure, given the high computing power needed to process the huge swaths of data it is trained on.

In our report, Jan Vesely, Partner at EQT says: “Without infrastructure capital, you would not be seeing AI roll out as fast. The opportunity is huge and private capital will provide the rocket fuel for companies solving the connectivity, capacity and computing power gaps. We increase the agility and speed of these businesses. It requires massive amounts of capital. The copper network was built over 100 years ago, replacing that will require hundreds of billions in capital in a short period of time. On the data center side, we’re investing 10 times more into our businesses than they make in a year. That just isn’t possible in public markets.”

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