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Issuance, repurchase and reclassification of class C2 shares under the EQT Share Program and EQT Option Program

As part of the implementation of the two new incentive programs adopted by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of EQT AB held on 30 May 2023 (“EQT Share Program” and “EQT Option Program”, respectively), the Board of EQT AB has today resolved, by virtue of the authorizations granted by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, to (i) issue 59,306,376 class C2 shares, increasing the share capital with approximately SEK 5,965,964.95, (ii) repurchase all class C2 shares and (iii) reclassify all class C2 shares into ordinary shares.

After the issuance, repurchase and reclassification, the total number of shares in EQT is 1,245,929,967 shares, of which 1,244,700,306 are ordinary shares and 1,229,661 are class C-shares. The 59,306,376 ordinary shares issued will be held in treasury, and over time delivered to participants, based on the outcome of the incentive programs. EQT holds 1,800,000 ordinary shares in treasury since before and will, after the issuance, repurchase and reclassification, hold 61,106,376 ordinary shares in treasury.

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB subscribed for all class C2 shares at a subscription price corresponding to the quota value. All class C2 shares have thereafter, in accordance with the Board’s resolution, been repurchased by EQT AB for the same price. Following the repurchase, all class C2 shares have been reclassified into ordinary shares.

The purpose of the issuance, repurchase and reclassification is to ensure that ordinary shares are available, as required, to be delivered to participants in the EQT Share Program and EQT Option Program, respectively.

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