EQT and Nobel Prize Outreach – exploring the role of generative AI in finance

EQT is proud to be an International Partner of Nobel Prize Outreach, which organizes cross-disciplinary forums gathering Nobel Prize laureates, renowned scientists, policy makers, and thought leaders to discuss global challenges that affect us all.

In conjunction with Nobel Prize Outreach’ recent conference in Seoul, South Korea, on the topic “Future Learning: Exploring Science & Technology”, EQT hosted a seminar that explored the role generative Artificial Intelligence will play in finance and how AI may help improve diversity within the finance sector in Korea and globally.

The seminar included a panel discussion with representatives from “Korea Foundation for Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology”, the Korean sovereign wealth fund, KIC, Nobel Prize Outreach, and Motherbrain, EQT’s proprietary AI, Big Data and Machine Learning platform developed in-house since 2016, helping EQT make faster, smarter and fairer investment decisions.

The panel was followed by a live Q&A with the audience, consisting of female STEM students (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) from Seoul’s leading universities. The session addressed ways of ensuring objectivity when training AI models and the importance of using unbiased and diverse data.

Conni Jonsson, Founder & Chairperson of EQT, said, ”Every innovation starts as an idea. As global institutions, one of the most important contributions we can have is to create open forums for debate and knowledge sharing. EQT is delighted to partner with Nobel Prize Outreach, which shares our passion for identifying solutions that have a positive impact on society and the environment. I’m also thrilled about our seminar, where insights and perspectives were shared freely across sectors, nationalities, and generations.”

Alexandra Lutz, Head of Motherbrain, said, “As our society is becoming increasingly digitized, AI literacy will emerge as a critical competency for professionals across all sectors and industries. AI literacy is about understanding how AI can be leveraged to drive innovation and enable efficiency, and the reality is that those who understand these technologies and how to implement them will eventually pull away from those who don’t. I was truly energized by today’s discussions on how we may bridge the learning gap around this important topic.”

Laura Sprechmann, CEO of Nobel Prize Outreach, concluded, “Nobel Prize Outreach and EQT are aligned in our curiosity and desire to explore the future of education, where technology will play a major role. Our conversation highlighted AI’s implications for the future of talent and the primary skills that are needed for advancing science and technology.

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