A statement from the CEO and Managing Partner

I am deeply saddened by the devastating situation taking place in Ukraine and, at EQT, our thoughts remain with all those living through such traumatic events. We continue to monitor the situation extremely closely, and we have taken several steps to support efforts to aid the people of Ukraine, in line with the values that unite all of us at EQT.

We are supporting humanitarian relief efforts both directly through EQT and indirectly through our portfolio companies, and I am proud of what I have seen over the past week. Just as an example, our disinfection company Schülke is part of greater coordination efforts to provide antisepsis and disinfection products to the people of Ukraine.

At EQT, I am equally moved by our employees who are generously donating to a range of organizations providing humanitarian relief in the region. The employee fundraising is organized by the EQT Foundation, which is matching every contribution, doubling the financial support.

We continue to encourage all our people - across EQT and our portfolio companies - to consider how we can do even more to support civilians suffering so deeply.

Simultaneously, we are supporting our portfolio companies to help mitigate any impact from this conflict. For example, we are assisting them with heightened cybersecurity measures, in coordination with our private equity peers, as this is a shared challenge across our industry.

Although EQT funds do not own any companies headquartered in Ukraine or Russia, the EQT executive committee has decided to recommend all portfolio companies to wind down operations and activities in Russia. EQT will continue to do all we can to provide support for our companies and people affected and encourage others to do the same.

Christian Sinding

CEO and Managing Partner

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