EQT AB establishes Sustainability Committee, marking the first Board-level commitment to sustainability in the private markets industry

Sustainability is a core part of EQT’s strategic agenda. To further elevate EQT’s strategic direction and its ability to make a positive impact at scale, the Board of EQT AB has established a Sustainability Committee.

The Sustainability Committee marks the first of its kind in the private capital space dedicated to sustainability at the Board level. This follows EQT becoming the first private markets firm to set Science Based Targets in 2021, further reinforcing the firm’s leadership position in sustainability. The Committee will provide a platform for debate on EQT’s sustainability agenda between the Board and Management, uniquely positioning the firm to deliver long-term performance for its clients.

Through quarterly meetings, the Committee will formalize ongoing discourse between Management and the Board to challenge the firm’s sustainability strategy in the context of an ever-evolving environment. The Committee will also welcome external thought leaders across different areas to enrich EQT’s approach towards accelerating specific sustainability themes, ultimately ensuring that EQT continues to stay ahead of the curve. Collectively, these mechanisms will enable EQT to strengthen the sustainability mandate of the Board, and to future-proof the firm in line with forthcoming sustainability trends.

Nicola Kimm, Board member of EQT AB since 2020, will be the Chairperson of the Committee. Nicola is the Chief Sustainability Officer and Management Board member at Heidelberg Cement, previously having been Global Head of Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety at Signify.

Other Committee members include EQT AB’s Chairperson Conni Jonsson and Board member Margo Cook, who was elected last year. Margo is a former President of US based Nuveen Advisory Services, one of the world's largest asset managers with USD 1 trillion in assets under management and USD 46.3 billion in assets under management with specific responsible investing objectives.

Nicola Kimm, Board member of EQT AB, said, “The role of the Sustainability Committee will be to ensure that EQT remains ahead of the curve and lead the transformation of private markets. By continuously raising the bar for EQT’s sustainability agenda, we also challenge and raise the inherent impact potential of the industry.”

Bahare Haghshenas, Global Head of Sustainable Transformation at EQT, said, “As a purpose-driven and active owner, sustainable transformation is at the core of our strategy. Having a dedicated Committee supporting this journey will further strengthen alignment between the Board and Management and will encourage us to think long-term, ultimately accelerating our efforts to drive superior returns for our clients in the most responsible way.”

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