Weekend read: EQT’s purpose driven approach highlighted in Harvard Business Review

EQT highlighted as an example on how to define and drive a durable value proposition.

The Harvard Business Review just published an article in the online edition of the Sep-Oct 2020 issue shining a spotlight on the Board's Role in Sustainability. 

EQT is highlighted as an excellent example as part of the SCORE-framework: Simplify, Connect, Own, Reward and Exemplify - five actions that can help boards articulate and foster a firm's durable value proposition and its drivers. Below, a short abstract:

”EQT, a global private-equity firm, describes its purpose this way: “to future-proof companies and make a positive impact.” EQT defines future-proofing as anticipating what companies need to do to stay relevant amid increasing social and environmental pressures. Its one-page purpose statement, which was first published in its 2019 annual report, explains the firm’s commitment to “being more than capital.” EQT requires that any investment meet clear financial objectives but also contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The company’s founder, Conni Jonsson, told us that writing the statement was fairly easy and that publishing it unites executives, directors, and investors on the company’s priorities. “For us,” he said, “aligning on the statement of purpose was merely manifesting what has been our mindset since inception.”

To access the full article, click here.

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