Exercise of the over-allotment option in relation to EQT

In connection with the initial public offering of EQT AB (publ) (“EQT AB” or the “Group”) on Nasdaq Stockholm on the 24 September 2019 (the “Offering”), certain of the selling shareholders granted the Joint Global Coordinators the option to purchase an additional of up to 10,396,188 shares in EQT AB (the “Over-Allotment Option”). EQT AB today confirms that the Over-Allotment Option has been exercised in full.

No price stabilisation activities have been carried out since the Offering. Due to the Group’s share price performance, SEB has, as stabilising manager on behalf of the managers[1], decided to end the stabilisation period.

The information was submitted for publication at 18.00 CEST on 3 October 2019.

About EQT
EQT is a differentiated global investment organization with a 25-year history of investing in, developing and owning companies, and has a demonstrated track-record of attractive, consistent investment performance across multiple geographies and strategies. EQT manages and advises a range of specialized investment funds and other investment vehicles that invest across the world with the mission to generate attractive returns and future-proof companies. EQT has three business segments – Private Capital, Real Assets and Credit – representing approximately 56 percent, 36 percent and 8 percent of total AUM, respectively[2]. All business segments are guided by a responsible approach, a digital transformation agenda and a thematic investment strategy.

Since inception in 1994, EQT has been a thought-leader in the private markets industry. As one of the first private equity firms in Northern Europe, EQT has grown its geographical presence, built out a global, well-diversified fund investor base and successfully established and scaled businesses in areas such as Infrastructure, Real Estate, Venture Capital, Credit and Public Value. The Group today conducts its businesses through offices in 15 countries across three continents with approximately 650 FTEs[3]. EQT’s well-established platform, ability to generate consistent, attractive returns, long-term relationships with fund investors, and its unique culture, values and brand, have enabled EQT to raise approximately EUR 62 billion of capital since inception.

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Important information
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[1] Referring to the Joint Global Coordinators SEB and J.P. Morgan, the Joint Bookrunners Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Nordea and UBS, and the Co-lead Managers ABG Sundall Collier, BNP Paribas and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
[2] As at 30 June 2019.
[3] Full-time equivalents, including on-site consultants as at 30 June 2019.

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