EQT joins #MovingForward

To coincide with International Women’s Day, EQT and EQT Ventures have joined #MovingForward.

#MovingForward is an organisation founded by US female tech entrepreneurs in 2018, following the realisation that many had experienced inappropriate behavior in the industry. Its goal is to gather VC commitments to foster a diverse, inclusive, and harassment-free workplace. This involves all members publishing their harassment and diversity policies to create a more transparent, fair and respectful industry. Today is the launch of the European initiative.

Although originally created for Venture Capital, it was important that EQT as a whole participated in this initiative. Respect and transparency are part of EQT’s core values and, as an organisation, we’re committed to ensuring a working environment that’s free from any discrimination or harassment. EQT’s Diversity and Harassment Policy is now publicly available and also listed on the #MovingForward site.

You can read more in this WIRED article, which went live this morning.


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