The EQT Industrial Network – “a vital part of our DNA”

The EQT Industrial Network has been a cornerstone of EQT’s entrepreneurial approach since inception in 1994. The Industrial Network, today consisting of over 500 business executives and entrepreneurs from all over the world, provides a unique pool of competence and experience to EQT and the portfolio companies.

EQT is operating in an ever-changing environment that places high demands of being well prepared for shifts in business, technology and society. The Industrial Network, comprising more than 500 core Industrial Advisors from more than 40 different countries, helps EQT to remain systematically agile and local-with-locals, regardless of geography, sector or industry. The network is structured in a way that reflects EQT’s core sectors; Healthcare, TMT, Services, Industrial Technology and Consumer, thereby ensuring the most relevant support.

The Industrial Advisors provide a vital source of competence to the portfolio companies. They act as board members and support the strategic, operational and financial development of the portfolio companies - across all business lines and during all stages of EQT’s ownership period. The network also plays an active role within EQT for analyses, commercial due diligences and not the least, as ambassadors of the EQT brand.

"The Industrial Network is one of the most important building blocks of EQT’s business model and a vital part of our DNA. The scope of EQT’s network is a differentiator and has been a key competitive advantage that adds true value across the platform of investment strategies: Private Capital, Real Assets and Credit. As the firm continues to grow, we’re taking active measures to safeguard that the network is developed accordingly ensuring we stay ahead of the curve also with regard to our Industrial Advisors”, says Marcus Brennecke, Partner, Deputy Head of the EQT Equity advisory team and Head of the Industrial Advisor Network.

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